Dallas ISD 

Dallas ISD is planning on extending their 2021-2022 school calendar, cutting into valuable camp, vacation, and family time. It's important for DISD to know how they're impacting their families, and that we want to save our summer.

Dallas parents, and camps with Dallas families, are encouraged to contact Save Our Summer by emailing Courtney Hoffman at @choffman@crhtexas.com.

 Noth East ISD 

As proposed, NEISD Would begin school on August 10, 2022 (6 days earlier than the current school year) and end the year on May 24, 2023. A vote was supposed to take place at the November 8th meeting, however, a final decision has yet to be made. It is possible that the vote will take place at the December 13th meeting instead. 

The voting date will be posted here as soon as it is announced.