All Children

Summer camps impact Texas children of all backgrounds. It allows them to interact with other children they may have never had the chance to play with before, teaches them to use critical thinking in brand new situations and environments, and gives them an outlet to learn who they are outside of the classroom. Camp teaches our children the importance of resilience, and that no matter what, you get up time and time again and keep trying.


Youth camps and other summer activities that operate primarily June-August need to set dates a year in advance. This allows ensures they're able to hire employees and give them dates for operation as well as training. 


Many camp staffing consists of teachers. Uniform start and end dates also ensures that they have secure summer employment.

Young Adults

Along with teachers, camp staffing relies heavily on high school and college-age students. Uniform state and end dates help camps with staffing, alsong with allowing students to set up the summer employment many of them rely on. 

"I have a conviction that

a few weeks spent in

a well organized summer camp

may be of more value

educationally than  a whole

year of formal school work" 

-Charles Eliot

21st Harvard

University President

93% of American

Camping Association 

accredited camps offer

financial assistance to over one

million children who are from

economically deprived families,

have special medical needs, or 

special situations that 

might preclude them from

attending camp