Welcome to the 87th
Legislative Session.
Below you can find 
information on how you
can help save
our summer.

For all those wanting to SAVE OUR SUMMER, here is your chance to participate!

HB 3846, the school calendar bill, by Rep. Matt Krause (R-Arlington) and Rep. Will Metcalf (R-Conroe)  is set for a public hearing on Tuesday, April 6.  The bill abolishes the calendar exemption for Districts of Innovations (DOIs) setting the school calendar dates from the 4th Monday in August to the end of May, getting back to a uniform calendar for the state. Attached is the hearing notice.

There are three ways to show support for this bill.


 1) Camps, parents or alums who are constituents or live in the area of each representative below can contact their office.  Note below several represent Houston and San Antonio, others are from Kingsville, Athens, Killeen, Clint and Canadian. Calls or emails to these offices in support of HB 3846, explaining why the bill is important and needed, will be helpful.

House Public Education Committee Members:


In addition the following actions can be taken now:             

  • Hill Country Camps can contact Rep. Murr’s office 512-463-0536 or  andrew.murr@house.texas.gov, share that Rep. Krause and Rep. Metcalf have a hearing for HB 3846 in House Public Education next week and you would appreciate a voice of support from him to each of these bill authors (Rep. Krause and Rep. Metcalf) and the chair of the committee (Chair Harold Dutton)as it would make a huge difference for camps and their parents across the state. 

  • Anyone who is a constituent of Rep. Krause (Arlington) 512-463-0562 or Rep. Metcalf (Conroe) 512-463-0726 can also reach thanking him for his support of the bill

   If  the bill is voted out of committee and ready to be presented on the Floor, that will be the time for all camps to contact their own representatives about support for this bill.   

2) Come to the Capitol the morning of Tuesday, April 6 to register FOR the bill before it is heard in committee.  The ideal time is 7:30 – 8 am prior to the start of the hearing, but that time may be extended into the morning if the bill is not one of the first to be heard that day. More details can be provided for anyone wanting to participate in this way. Please contact Dan Neal at (469)951-1747. 

3) Submit written testimony for HB 3846 through the House Portal https://comments.house.texas.gov/home?c=c400 until the hearing concludes on Tuesday, April 6. This testimony will be distributed to all members of the House Public Education Committee.