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Advocating for

uniform start and end 

dates for Texas schools helps

maximize the life lessons 

and skills built through

summer camp and

summer experiences

"I am writing to express

my deepest gratitude to each

and every one of you for making his

summer so amazing. It’s one thing

to be happy, it’s a whole different and

more amazing thing to see your child

elated and excited every single

day expressing how he just can't

wait to get back to camp with

his friends"

"This was my 6 year

old's first ever camp experience 

and he loved it...We learned that

he's really into horses. He was afraid

of putting his head under water, [until]

his guide played a game with him and

made it fun...I could see my child

having fun and he even made new

friends. He asked to go again,

which to me is the best


Save Our Summer

Save Our Summer

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