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At the end of the day, the most important people in unifying start and end dates across Texas are our camp and school families. Everyone's voice is important, and everyone's voice needs to be heard.



Emailing or sending letters to your state legislators is the best way for you to take action.  Find your state legislator here

In your email or letter, let your state representative and state senator know that you support uniform start and end dates for Texas schools.

Including information about the importance of summer camp and your personal experience is a great way to improve the impact of your letter.

**Please note that when searching for your state legislators, the lower chamber refers to your representative and the upper chamber refers to your senator


There's no denying the power of social media in today's day and age. Follow your state legislators on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, and write them a message about supporting uniform start and end dates. Share or create social posts on different social media platforms to spread the word about the importance of uniform start and end dates. 


Camp and school families, neighbors and friends are our strongest allies. Reach out and share the impact that summer activities have on our community and on our children. Encourage them to reach out to their State Legislators and post on social media. There is power in numbers and the more voice that speak out, the better we'll be heard. 


The 88th Legislative Session

The 88th Legislative Session begins January 10th, 2023. Come back for updates about what you can do to impact House Bills that directly impact our schools and our summers.

In the 87th Legislative Session. HB 3846, The School Calendar Bill, was introduced in March, 2022, but only progressed 25% and died in committee.

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